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Career Coaching

What do we do?

Work one-on-one with a Shinebright coach to discover how to choose a career path based on your deep understanding of your strengths.


  • Identify and develop your talents into powerful strengths

  • Explore the type of roles that will tap into your natural motivations and energize you

  • Determine which work environments are the best fit for you and will allow you to flourish

  • Choose a career path that will lead to increased engagement,  fulfillment, and success

What is the outcome?

Increased Career Happiness

  • Have a deeper understanding of the value you bring and how to show up at your best in your work and life

  • Build a career path that is aligned with who you are and your personal values

  • Define success on your own terms and move confidently towards your goals

Make a living doing what you love!

Are you doing what you love to do?
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