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Promotions For  Those Affected By COVID-19

Current Services

20% Off Individual Coaching

Introductory Coaching Session (90 mins.) -  Regular: $325 / Now: $260

Additional Coaching Sessions (60 mins.) - Regular: $215 / Now: $172


*Sessions will take place virtually on the zoom platform

20% Off Resume Services
  • Entry Level Resume Service for Current Shinebright Clients  Regular: $275 / Now: $220

  • Mid-Level and Executive Level Resumer Service for Current Shinebright Clients - Regular: $575 / Now: $460

  • Entry Level Resume Only Service Regular: $425 / Now: $340

  • Mid-Level and Executive Level Resumer Only Service Regular: $725 / Now: $580

  • Case Specific Editing: Regular: $85 / Now: $70

In an effort to turn this time into an opportunity for growth and change, Silvana our resident resume editor, is here to help you.  She will help you to take control of your resume and online profiles and present yourself in the best possible light while job searching.  And this is not just a feel-good situation - she has a 75% success rate for job search success within 3 months of resume revisions*!

*Sessions will take place virtually on the zoom platform

50% Off Business Development Services
  • Business Clarity Coaching Package -  Regular: $1,350 / Now: $675

  • Business Plan Coaching Package - Regular: $2,250 / Now: $1,125


*Sessions will take place virtually on the zoom platform


Promotions For  Those Affected By COVID-19

New Services

A Group Coaching Experience For Job Seekers

Get to Know your Strengths & Strategize your Job Search - April 8th Start Date


During this challenging time, Shinebright has created online workshops to support job seekers in their personal strengths development and for best job seeking practices and strategies. 


Our new offering “Get to Know your Strengths & Strategize your Job Search” will create a structured group experience for clients to develop heightened self-awareness and confidence in their unique value add to potential employers. The group setting will create community, empathy and the space to share feelings during this epidemic.


  • Clients will increase their self-awareness of their strengths, gaining language and a framework for understanding what they uniquely have to offer.

  • Clients will identify what they need from their next role in order to be motivated and contribute at their highest level.

  • Clients will learn job searching tactics and create next steps in their job search process.

  • Group coaching creates a shared experience where best practices can be exchanged and clients feel supported through the challenges and daily frustrations of job searching.



  • Package includes Four 90-minute online zoom sessions, a 15-minute follow-up call and the CliftonStrengths Assessment : $475

Healthy Habits While Working From Home Workshop

During this unprecedented time, many people are working from home for the first time while also managing many uncertainties and high levels of stress.  Shinebright has created a 4-session coaching package that will support your employees to stay effective and engaged in their new environments by providing personalized tools and resources.



  • Staff will identify, develop and learn to leverage their natural strengths’ while working from home, leading to greater impact and productivity

  • Staff will gain greater clarity into their natural motivations and what they need from their work environment in order to contribute at their highest level

  • Staff will gain valuable tools and resources that will enable them to create healthy habits that will support greater stamina, enhanced creativity and manage stress



  • Package includes Three 60-minute online zoom sessions and the CliftonStrengths Assessment: $575

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