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Building Your Personal Brand

If you are job searching or even if you currently have a job, working on your personal branding is imperative to getting the job and having a successful career. Knowing your brand and having the ability succinctly speak to your strengths, experience and the value you bring builds confidence and allows you show up at work, in an interview or year review or at an important presentation with ease.

Shannon Philip and I got together to chat about how you can develop your personal brand with your strengths and more in this video. There are all sorts of ways to define who you are, what you have to contribute and what value you bring to any organization. Being able to chat about these with ease and clarity is personal branding at its best. We share accessible ways for you to start on your own brand!

The job market is more competitive today, and the ability to effectively convey the value you bring is even more important. Knowing your personal brand is a way to shine in an interview, but also a way for you to advocate for yourself in any role and to know your worth.

It is also important to note, searching for a job today starts even before you are even looking. When you post on LinkedIn, keep up with your network and then begin to look for the next opportunity you are showcasing personal brand down. You can make it shine it in all of these places. Spend time with us learning how to build your brand!

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