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Here is HOW and WHY You Need to Find a Mentor in 2023

The top career advice is to develop your career is to have a mentor. Why? Because a true mentor can help you carve out a strategy for your career, next promotion and overall professional development.

A couple of questions that often pop up in our coaching practice from clients are: what is a mentor and how do you find one?? And how can you not feel pressure while actively looking for a mentor?

The real truth is that the benefits of mentors are endless. They can be a wise, trusted supporter who can help you gain insight in your career and develop your career path.

The beauty about this relationship is with their unique outside perspective, they can offer you ways to grow and to be a cheerleader for you; everyone needs a cheerleader to navigate career challenges. Having a mentor that you can speak with about your career goals, areas of opportunity, and what skills to build is invaluable, which brings up the question again, how does one find a mentor?

In this video I share just that, how to find a mentor and more:

- What is a mentor?

- How do I find the right mentor?

- How do I develop my relationship with my mentor?

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