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Is Group Coaching Right for You?

Looking for a new job or a better fit career and considering career coaching? Have you ever wondered what group coaching is and if it could be right for you?

The Land a Job You Love Group Coaching Program focuses on helping you find a job you love in a shared container with others who are going through the same process. Our proven Shinebright Method gives you space and time to work through the structured material on your own, but we come together weekly in a group coaching call where coaches Shannon and Meike coach you in real time.

The group environment provides community as you work through the coaching process which helps to take the loneliness out of job searching. It is a space where each week you can share updates, ask questions, get support as you move through your process, and listen and learn from others.

In the video we cover:

  • What is group coaching

  • The benefits and positive outcomes of the group coaching program

  • How group coaching helps you to gain community, find accountability and combat loneliness in your job search

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