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Job Searching? First, Hire a Resume Writer.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Look how happy he is! He must be working with a resume writer.

Job searching is stressful. Finding a job you are excited about is awesome, but then the moment comes when you think: Is my resume strong enough?

Crafting a strong resume is a big undertaking. It needs to tell your story, articulate your unique value add, be visually clear, and include all the relevant language for your industry. As a Shinebright Career Coach, my role during a job search is not only to help my clients understand their strengths, but to positively push them towards the next steps so that they do not become stuck. So often I hear my clients struggle with feeling overwhelmed by wanting to perfect their resume - often burning their precious energy out that is needed for the job search - which is why I strongly recommend hiring a resume writer to provide support, expertise, and a strong resume my clients will be proud to share.

Here are the three most important reasons to hire a resume writer.

1. Sometimes we are too close to our own needs and true professional place to be objective. Let’s face it: the stakes feel very high during a job search. A trusted expert’s perspective allows your strengths and abilities to shine through, leaving behind any insecurities about being ‘good enough’.

It is hard to be objective when you are speaking about yourself, and having an outside perspective is worth gold during this time. A resume writer will add a fresh, objective approach to crafting your story that allows you to present yourself in an accurate way. Your resume needs to showcase yourself and your experience persuasively, all the while honoring the guidelines of your industry and ever-changing resume “rules” - so leave the heavy lifting to a professional! In the article 5 Reasons to Hire a Resume Writer, it is noted that “Resume writers are not just professional writers, but they’re experts in making your resume stand out from the rest of the applicant pool.” 

2. Maybe writing was never your favorite exercise. It takes time, effort, and strong writing ability to convey who you are in a resume. Good grammar is a must; unclear language and grammatical errors automatically take you out of the running.

Would you consider writing your own will? No - you would go to an estate lawyer. When in need of expertise, hire an expert! A good resume writer will craft a clear, concise story that reflects your strengths, experience, and professional purpose. Past clients who wanted to write their own resume have plugged their job history into templates, hoping to create a strong resume. As a rule, this always falls flat and fails to get any response from potential employers. According to Jennifer McClanahan-Flint’s article, Build a Resume That Tells a Story, “The biggest resume writing mistake is searching online for a “sample” resume. This often leads to regurgitating one’s work history and skills without a goal or purpose, an approach that rarely supports what you’re looking to do.”

3. Developing your resume with a resume writer will personalize the process. You should never hire a resume writer who does not involve you in every step of the process to ensure your story is told and your needs are met. You need to be a part of the process so that the final product is an accurate reflection of you.

Anyone worth their fee will take an individualized approach; working with you to uncover talents, skills, and competencies. Our Shinebright resume writer, Silvana Gargione, has created a process to help clients take ownership of their strengths and to craft their work experience into a story they love to share. When creating a resume, Silvana follows an individual’s potential for growth and the impacts they have accomplished to best weave their personal story into their career history. Her personalized process includes client’s participation so that the resume is an authentic representation of their story, and enables them to speak confidently as they network and interview.

The remaining question is: why suffer more during an already stressful job search?

A great resume will opens doors to interviews that you will be ready to win. When faced with something as important as finding the right job, make sure you are arming yourself with a resume that is relevant, well-written, and a powerful representation of who you are as a professional. Hiring a resume writer will save your mental energy for expanding your network, doing informational interviews, and taking care of yourself by going to the gym or meditating. Don’t just hire the cheapest or quickest resume writer; take time to interview several experts, ask questions about their process, and see examples of their work. Think about how they will include you in the process, and choose the one who offers the most personalized approach. The investment of hiring a resume expert will pay for itself over and over again as you navigate your career path armed with a relevant, memorable resume.

Click Here to schedule a complimentary 30-minute phone call with Shinebright’s resume expert, Silvana, and hear more about her resume services and how she can support you in creating a resume that will leave a lasting impression.

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