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What I Do and What I Don't Do as your Resume Writer

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

There can be uncertainty or fogginess about the need and function of a resume services; and as Shinebright’s resident resume writer I totally get the skepticism.  Admittedly, the role of resume writer and editor is sometimes unknown, and the function can be often ill-defined even when comparing costs, timelines and deliverables.  Additionally, the job search can be a vulnerable and triggering experience for some, leading to an unproductive ‘oh-no-i-have-no-idea-what-is-happening-or-what-to-expect’ pileup. To combat this vulnerability and empower my potential clients, I’ve found that providing insight on what I do as well as what I do not do has helped. So, here it goes!


  • I serve as your ‘objective eyes and ears’ on the topic most personal to you - your past accomplishments, your natural abilities, and your future goals.

  • I consider all of who you are and what has come before in your career, then tailor it to the direction you want to head in next.

  • I provide a living, breathing document that can be manipulated easily to fulfill each job listing in a specific and deliberate way.

  • I empower you to represent yourself fully and confidently in an interview setting by providing a strong resume as an outline of your expertise. I create a strong visual layout that is relevant to your industry, personality, and desired role


  • I do not make changes to your resume that are not aligned to the goals and resume uses that we have discussed. This is not a matter of personal preference, but instead maintains the integrity of the agreement we have made.

  • I do not find you employment or connect you to my personal network.

  • I do not betray your privacy or share your documents without your direct consent.

  • I do not exaggerate, embellish, underplay, or minimize any contributions you have made or roles you have held.

  • I do not provide on-going, unlimited resume drafts or editing support beyond the boundaries set by the purchased service package without an additional conversation or service agreement.

At Shinebright, we know that finding the right job can be a tough time.  Why not make it easier on yourself by being fully supported as you navigate towards your next career step?  To learn more about the Resume Services process or to begin the next phase of your job search, schedule a FREE resume consultation call today!

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