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Meet Our Coaches

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Meike Hennon

Strengths Coach

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Are you tired of feeling tired by your work?

Have you thought about other career paths but been too intimidated to turn those ideas into action?

I empower my clients to turn those intimidating thoughts into action and follow their true career dreams. Change is not easy, but when you follow your authentic desires and get to know yourself the process becomes natural.

As a strengths-based career and life coach I will help you identify and own your strengths, and support you as you determine the career path you intentionally want to take. Together we will look at what things you do best, what you need out of your environment, how you can contribute at your highest and navigate your way into the role you want.

I look forward to being the coach who can help you build powerful self-awareness surrounding your strengths and support you as you leverage those strengths to GO AFTER the life you want to have.

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Shannon Philip

Strengths Coach

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Are you ready to go deep?  Are you ready to finally answer the questions of “Who am I” and “What do I want to do with this one amazing life I’ve been given?”  My passion is to help you, as my client, focus on answering these powerful questions and intentionally creating a life and career that will bring you the happiness you’ve been seeking.  I will guide you through a process of self-discovery and exploration that results in a powerful increase in your self-awareness and a renewed self-confidence in who you are and the value you offer.  I love to help my clients connect the dots of their life.  I look forward to helping you put all the pieces of the puzzle of who you are together, and bringing you the clarity you have been craving. Together we will strategize how you can use your new-found knowledge of self to intentionally move from where you’ve been stuck to creating the life and career of your dreams.


DeJuana Golden

Resume Writer

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DeJuana is known as the Resume Branding Specialist because of her unique gift for telling a cohesive and compelling career story when crafting resumes. Leveraging a background in marketing and content creation, in addition to her innate interest in diverse career paths, she's created impactful and highly-effective resumes for entry-level to executive job seekers since 2013. Additionally, she's worked for some of the largest resume companies in the U.S. and Canada. Bringing a client-centered approach, her goal is to bring out the magic in each job candidate and make you the clear choice in the eyes of hiring managers.

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