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Resume Services

Resume Coaching

Thank you for your interest in working together to create a strong, memorable resume.  Shinebright is all about unlocking potential in your career and your life, and the resume process is no different

Our Process:

Preparation:   First, you’ll complete a worksheet where you will detail your understanding of your strengths from the coaching process, share your visual preferences, and narrow down what you hope to achieve from the upcoming job search.  


Connection: Next, we’ll connect over the phone with an interview to dig deeper into transferable skills, specific impacts, and your unique qualities as an individual.  


Creation: Let the games begin! I’ll use everything you’ve shared to create a custom resume that highlights your strengths, expresses your personality, and presents your abilities in a professional and modern package.

Delivery: Your final resume will be delivered in multiple formats for online digital submissions, in-person use, and future editing.  


Entry Level Resume for Current Shinebright Clients

For people who just started their career or graduated from college


Mid-Level for Current Shinebright Clients

For people with 10 years of more of work experience


Executive Resume for Current Shinebright Clients

For people in Director Level and Above


Entry Level Resume Only Service

For clients who are not Shinebright coaching clients


Mid-Level Resume Only Service

For clients who are not current Shinebright coaching clients


Executive Resume Only Service

For clients who are not current Shinebright coaching clients


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"The road to success is always under construction" - Lily Tomlin

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value"

-Albert Einstein

Additional Services

The Pep Talk:   An alternative option for already-established Shinebright Coaching clients seeking minor resume support for a specific application.  You’ll receive 5 workable notes and suggestions for you to improve and adjust your already written resume.


LinkedIn: Once your resume is complete, your online presence should be updated in full so that there is consistency in your personal brand. We use your new Shinebright resume to establish your LinkedIn profile.  This service includes a full rework of your employment history, an original bio for use as a summary, and an optimization of your LinkedIn presence to reflect your personality and enhance your web presence for searching employers.  **At this time, this service is only available in conjunction with a Shinebright resume.




The Pep Talk

Five workable notes to improve your resume. For Shinebright Clients Only



Optimization of your LinkedIn profile. For Shinebright and Resume Clients


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LinkedIn Headshots:  According to LinkedIn, profiles with headshots are 14 times more likely to be viewed than those without a profile picture. Many factors affect what people think of you when they see your photo—specifically, how likable, competent, and influential you seem. 

To ensure you make the best possible impression, Shinebright has partnered with the most talented photographer we know, Alyssa Kearney @Rose Colored Photography.  Alyssa will take the guesswork out of the process for you, and make getting the perfect Linkedin headshot easy and affordable.