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3 Tips to Start Your Job Search the Right Way

Ready to make a change? Have you finally decided it is time to start a new career or get a new position at a different company? But, when it comes down to it, you don’t know where to start?

Finding the energy and concentration to make a career change is hard, often folks start and stop whenever they have a bad day at work and that makes everything harder, leading to overwhelm or confusion which often causes folks to stop the search all together. Basically, it is also hard all around, like how to figure out what the best to apply. This is the other big mistake we see is folks making, that is applying for any job that seems interesting. Diluting their effort and often wasting time or it can lead to another job you don’t want.

But guess what? There is another way. It can feel liberating to create a strategy, and plan a better way forward in your job search. There are 3 easy steps to start a job search correctly so that you feel organized, can be consistent and most importantly end up in a good fit job.

In this video I cover those tips!

Tip 1 - How to decide what job YOU want

Tip 2 - Make a plan

Tip 3 - Make a schedule

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