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How to Communicate Better

Having trouble communicating at work? Do you find yourself annoyed with your colleagues or boss at work? Are you frustrated that they approach their work or your shared goals differently? Do you often think, “if only they would do it more like me”? Turns out most people feel that way, just part of being a human. But what if your colleague or your friend isn’t trying to annoy you, they’re just seeing the situation or the project through a different lens. We are all wired differently and are motivated and energized by different aspects of our work or life and knowing this can be the key to communicating more effectively in all areas of your life and work.

In this video we cover:

-Why communication can be so hard with the people in our lives.

-A few stories of how Meike and I used our strengths to improve our communication as business partners.

-Tips on how you can start to improve your communication and decrease frustration with other humans.

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