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How to Rock Your Interview

Interviewing can make people nervous. In fact, just the thought of interviewing can send some folks into shear panic. Sometimes those nerves deter us in an interview, but most often it is something you could have prepared for.

As career coaches, here at Shinebright Career Coaching we spend a lot of time helping clients push through the fear and nerves, and actually gain self-confidence so that they can rock their interviews.

During our 11+ years of coaching, we have built an incredible tool box of tools, insights and tips for interview success. We'd like to share some of these tips with you so that you too can ROCK your interview.

After all, seeing clients succeed in their interviews, highlighting their strengths, creating examples of their unique value add is and doing it all with confidence is especially fun for us to witness and now we are sharing those tools with you.

We share the best and easiest tips to be self-aware, confident and successful at your interview.

In this video we cover the following topics:

- Day of Mindset

- Practice Makes Perfect

- Do Your Research on EVERYTHING

- Listen and Take your Time

- Practice Mindfulness techniques

- Leave a Good Impression

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