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How to Set Boundaries at Work

Do you find yourself consistently feeling resentful, exhausted, and depleted at work? Are you constantly bringing work home and find yourself working nights and weekends more often than not? Are you coming home in a bad mood and taking out your frustration on your friends & family?

These may all be signs that it’s time to set some boundaries at work. Although it may be counterintuitive, setting boundaries at work allows you to be more productive, more energized, more impactful, and more respected. But I know it can feel easier said than done, so I’m walking you through how to begin taking the steps of setting more healthy boundaries at work so you can reclaim your time and energy and truly thrive.

In the video I cover:

  • Signs you may need to set boundaries at work

  • The benefit of setting healthy boundaries at work

  • How to set your boundaries and sample language to use to communicate your boundaries

  • How to manage the discomfort and anxiety that comes from setting boundaries

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