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Job Search Blues? Here’s your medicine.

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Are you ready to throw in the towel on your job search? Are you frustrated and resentful that you have made “no progress” in trying to find a job? Do you dread Mondays when everyone else is going to work and you are back on the job boards? If so, it is important you start focusing on helping yourself realize that progress in a job search looks and feels different than you might think. Progress involves hundreds of emails, hundreds of conversations, and LinkedIn searches. It also involves multiple interviews, applications, cover letters, and more.

That is a ton of work and it is often shrouded in unknowing if your email or application will even be read by human eyes. That is a lot of pressure. It is important to find ways to note and celebrate your progress. Finding a job is like a marathon, slow and diligent, step by step, you make your way but it is a long race and if you do not celebrate miles 10 or 15 or 19 or 22 it is hard to keep going, but when you do, you get the energy to keep going!

In this video, I cover ways to:

- Take note of the job search steps you are making- build momentum, make an impact in your search - Why tracking your work (outreach, conversations, applications, and more) matters

- Note and celebrate when you are successful

- Take more steps in a focused powerful direction

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