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What is Your Biggest Weakness? The Dreaded Interview Question.

What is your biggest weakness? Do you freeze in an interview when that question comes up? So do most people, it’s a scary question to answer when all you want is the interviewer to like you and see how awesome you are. But, this question isn’t really about your weaknesses, the interviewer is looking for other qualities in you by how you answer this question. I’m going to walk you through exactly how you can answer this question and impress your interviewer in the process.

In this video I will cover:

-Why do interviewers ask the question, “what is your biggest weakness?”

-What an interviewer is looking for from you when answering your biggest weakness question.

-The common answers people give to this question and why they are problematic.

-Real answers you can use in an interview when answering “what is your biggest weakness?” that are going to impress an interviewer and help you to land the job.

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