Career and life coaching for people who want to know their strengths and create their best life. 

Our Philosophy

Our guiding belief is in the power of self-awareness.  Self-awareness is the fuel for personal growth, allowing our clients to make positive changes, find their career happiness, and create their best life.

Our Unique Philosophy Guides Our Coaching Process

Slow Down for a Moment

We have found that when people take the time to slow down for a moment to discover who they are, develop their self-awareness and understand their greatest potential for strengths, they are then able to speed up the job search with more accuracy and success.

The Shinebright Process

Alyssa, Photographer

“The sessions I had with Shannon after I completed the StrengthsFinder assessment were the most valuable part of the experience. Shannon took the time and asked the right questions to really open me up to what my strengths were, what they meant and, most importantly, how to continue to use them to excel not only in my career but in my day-to-day life. I will never be the same person professionally or personally in the best ways because of what this process has taught me. Thank you, Shinebright!”

Caneel, Founder, Kickass Enterprises

“It was Meike and Shannon’s coaching that really made strengths-based learning click for me. They turned it into action in a short amount of time by connecting my results to what I can learn in the real world to have an impact on my own life, and how I can put it into action when working with the others that I actually work with day to day.”

David Clifford, DSX Founder

“Fantastic morning with Shinebright and the DSX Leadership Team, building a healthy crew from our strengths to model healing, equity and creative courage. We HIGHLY recommend Shinebright for any team wanting to build relational trust and capacity in each other.”

What our happy clients are saying...

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