We tailor our programs to the needs of your company and how we can best support you in creating a positive, strengths-based culture. Leaders and staff will identify and build upon their strengths in order to develop both the individual and the organization’s fullest potential.

Professional Development Workshops

Strengths 101
  • Staff will identify, develop and learn to leverage their natural strengths’ in their role, leading to greater impact and productivity

  • Staff will gain greater clarity into their natural motivations and what they need from their work environment in order to contribute at their highest level

  • Staff will gain valuable tools and resources that will enable them to more effectively communicate their value, leading to higher levels of collaboration, engagement, and success

Strengths Team Building Workshop
  • Individual team members will identify and develop an understanding of their own strengths so they can contribute at their highest level

  • Team members will learn how to effectively communicate the value they bring to the greater organization

  • Teams will gain tools and a new shared language in strengths which will empower them to work more powerfully and collaboratively toward their common goals

"The way a team plays as a whole determines its success."

-Babe Ruth

Coaching One-On-One

Strengths  Coaching
  • Staff have an opportunity to dive deeper into their individual strengths and areas of greatest potential impact

  • Explore how their strengths are supporting them in times of success and how their strengths may also be hindrances to reaching their full potential

  • Strategize how to develop a personal development plan to develop their strengths and move intentionally towards their professional goals

Leadership  Coaching
  • Leaders have an opportunity to explore their strengths and the value they bring

  • Discover their leadership strengths and how they can most effectively lead and manage their teams and companies

  • Strategize how they can be more intentional in their leadership role, so they are maximizing their time in areas of greatest possible impact

"Leadership is unlocking people's potential to become better."

-Bill Bradley

What our happy clients are saying...

"Shinebright recently developed a workshop, Building a Strengths-Based Team, for the administrative team at Fusion Academy, helping each member of the team to have a deeper understanding of their own strengths as well as the strengths of their teammates. One team member said: “The workshop helped her to confirm that she’s good at what she does and she shouldn’t doubt herself so much”. Another team member said: “The workshop helped her to see where she should focus more of her time when at work so she can find more joy and be more effective.”

- Head of School

Fusion Academy

“Fantastic morning with Shinebright and the DSX Leadership Team, building a healthy crew from our strengths to model healing, equity and creative courage. We highly recommend Shinebright for any team wanting to build relational trust and capacity in each other.”

- David Clifford

DSX Founder & Chief Catalyst

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