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How to Get a Mentor

A few weeks ago Shannon and I got together to chat about mentors. We love this topic because we have experienced the positive impact of having mentors in your life and career. As career coaches we have also seen the powerful benefits our clients have experienced in their careers. Mentorship is incredible because the added support, guidance and advice can only enrich your career path.

In fact the benefits are varied and diverse, mentors will help you to build a focused career path, build new skills, but also build perseverance when challenges arise.

In our conversation Shannon and I tackle how to define what a mentor is and ultimately how to find the right mentor for you.

Our tips and insights cover the following aspects of mentorship:

- What is a mentor?

- How do I find the right mentor?

- How do I develop my relationship with my mentor?

We believe that having a mentor can be a game-changer and are excited to share our insights with all of you. We also hope these insights inspire you to seek out a mentor or be a mentor to someone in your life!

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