“ It was Meike and Shannon’s coaching that really made strengths-based learning click for me. They turned it into action in a short amount of time by connecting my results to what I can learn in the real world to have an impact on my own life, and how I can put it into action when working with the others that I actually work with day to day. ”

Happy client female

Caneel, Founder, Kickass Enterprises

“I needed some help while hitting cross-roads in my career and Shannon was an incredible coach for me. She helped me take a deep dive into my strengths and gain confidence in what I bring to the table for my current team. She helped me gain a better grasp of who I am and what brings me happiness in work and in life! 10/10 would highly recommend working with her if you get the opportunity.”

– Natalie



"I have nothing but incredibly positive things to say about Meike and the Shinebright process, program and objectives. Meike is deeply talented at what she does and was insightful in her guidance, perspective and support throughout our time working together. Overall, I would recommend this program to anyone - not just those exclusively interested in a career change or pivot - as it ultimately helps you understand yourself both personally and professionally on a much deeper level that will pay dividends in numerous aspects of your life, including your current, prospective or future career.

Working with Shinebright gave me the following: 1) a better understanding of myself, how I operate, my strengths and what intrinsically motivates me, 2) a detailed look and exploration in various career paths that help support those strengths (including a look into how it fit into my current professionally role) and 3) a reasoned, thoughtful system to approach advancing in your current career or moving into a new one. There is no magic formula to finding a new job/the right career, however, the tools it provided me will last well beyond the several weeks I spent working with Meike and will undoubtedly assist in the process of my professional development and circumstance moving forward." 

– Chris


" Working with Shannon at Shinebright is one of the best professional  decisions I have made. I reached out to Shinebright after being out of the workforce for 7 years, and honestly didn't know where to begin.  Like many moms, I had lost my sense of identity after being home with  young children for so long.  Shannon's kindness, wisdom, and insight in  helping me discover my potential and talents blew me away.  For the  first time, I learned to search for inspiration within myself, and I  gained a renewed sense of confidence and clarity in my path to starting  my career.  Shannon was quick to identify what I needed to succeed in the career path I chose, what my strengths are, and helped me understand what keeps me interested and engaged in the work I do.  None of this would have happened without the guidance, tools and resources she had  provided me.  I feel immense gratitude toward her for all she has helped me discover during our sessions.  And for the first time in a long  time, I feel ready to step into my light and thrive. Thank you, Shannon and Shinebright! "

– Kristina


" I cannot recommend Shannon enough! When I first signed up with Shinebright, I had recently made the decision to quit my day job and jump fully into building my own business. I was pretty terrified and the future felt murky. I didn't know what to expect from a life/business coach, but I got much more than I bargained for. Shannon helped me develop a deep rooted confidence in my strengths and recognize the ways in which I was holding myself back. I gained a much better understanding of myself and how I operate. The very concrete takeaways from our sessions helped me build momentum for my company, and now my goals are broader and more tangible than I could have imagined before starting the process. My work with Shannon has no doubt laid the foundation for the big, bold life I was dreaming of when I quit my day job. "

– Katie


" My journey with Shinebright started when I had reached a breaking point at my job. It was too far outside of my comfort zone and I had lost the ability to look forward and exist outside of the day to day problems. I was looking for an exit strategy and a shiny new life.

The first few sessions with Shannon were eye-opening. I understood myself on a different level and recognized patterns in my personality. More than that, I recognized that some of the "bad things" in my personality were not bad at all, but rather, a force that had not yet been reckoned with. For years, I had told myself I has defective; I was crippled with indecision that infiltrated every aspect of my day. Something as simple as "where should we go for lunch" would turn into a spiral of self doubt. Shannon helped me see past that and framed my strength (as it turned out) into something of immeasurable value. Simply said, it was life changing.

But Shannon didn't stop there. Equipped with the ability to pivot quickly,  elegantly and with incredible acumen, she offered invaluable wisdom at the drop of a hat. When my plans changed, she knew exactly what I needed when I had no idea. When I was lost and didn't know what I wanted, she offered a plan that could've only catered to me. When I questioned how and why, she didn't offer answers, she guided me to my own answers.

She is truly a genius at her craft. I had high expectations when I entered this counseling, and Shannon has far exceeded expectations. In fact, she has skyrocketed past them.

If you are questioning your future, unsure of what is right for you, or if you are just looking for sage wisdom that is few and far between, I HIGHLY recommend Shannon and Shinebright. What an invaluable gift you can give yourself: something that will not only change the way you think about yourself, but the way you think about your future. "

– Tessa


" If you're looking for a sign to start a new life- HERE IT IS.
Where do I start.... I just had my final session with Meike and I'm so sad that it's over but overwhelmed with gratitude for her help. After the lockdowns and pandemic my life and career were absolutely devastated. Working in hospitality for all of my adult life and career, I found myself lost and in desperate need of change and the confidence to find myself and a whole new career- literally the scariest position to be in for someone like me. Asking for help has never been my strong suit but I knew I needed it. After "interviewing" 5 other potential coaches I felt like I would never find the right fit. Then I met Meike. She has this amazing ability to make you feel safe, understood, appreciated and positive. She reminded me of all the things I do well- my strengths- which had evaporated into negative vapor over the course of a very difficult year. I am forever grateful.
Finding a coach that you mesh with, spending the money and committing to the process isn't easy- so make sure you're ready to work hard, look inside yourself for strength, trust Meike...and trust yourself that you made the right decision for your future.
I start my new position in my new career tomorrow at 8am, exactly 10 weeks since my first conversation with Meike. And I'm ready!!! Thank you Meike and ShineBright!! Ready to make this world my B@%&h again!! "

– Yelena


" In early 2019, I was feeling unhappy, and I could not understand why. I had excellent health, shelter, health insurance, a great job, a big loving family, God, dance classes, and more. Yet, something was missing. I would spend my weekends in bed, and although I came through with my commitments, that was mainly because I forced myself since meeting my responsibilities is essential to me.

One Saturday, while in bed all day, I started thinking about a life coach. In all honesty, a life coach sounded like something that only people with financial privilege consider. I put those thoughts aside, and I decided to search on YELP. I came across Shinebright and started reading the reviews. I immediately resonated with the reviewers. I decided to reach out to Shinebright, and because I live in the South Bay, I connected with Meike.

I cannot begin to explain what a great experience I had collaborating with Meike. I learned about my potential, my values, and I found self-awareness, which has helped me evolve into a better person. After every session, I would leave feeling empowered because that is what Meike has the talent to do. She was respectful but direct with me whenever I said something that lacked empathy toward others or myself, and I appreciated this.

After a few meetings, I came up with a plan. I made immediate small changes, but I also put a long-term plan together. I'm currently obtaining a master's degree in psychology, and on July 10th, I will complete my first year. Every day, I have something to look forward to because I am excited about my future, and when I am feeling slightly low, I often reflect on my conversations with Meike, and this always helps.

If you are debating whether to contact Shinebright, please do not wait much longer. This was an investment in myself, and it has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Thank you, Meike, for all that you did for me. You are making a difference in this world. "

– Maria


" I've known both Shannon and Meike for years and of the work they do in helping individuals to identify and define their innate strengths which I always found to be inspirational. But it wasn't until I personally worked with Shannon through her coaching process that I fully grasped the span of value in what Shinebright provides its clients. First, the coaching process itself was enlightening and fun, and Shannon was clearly passionate and highly knowledgeable in her role. I was able to confidently identify my own strengths and to gain an understanding of how they show up in my day-to-day life. From there, Shannon helped me to develop language to be able to communicate my strengths in a professional setting as well as a means for practically applying this new information in both my professional and personal life. I feel I gained a new level of self-awareness through the work I did with Shannon and the Shinebright process that I use daily and will benefit from for a lifetime. I cannot recommend their coaching services enough. "

– Joy


" I've been in my current job for a number of years; was definitely in a rut and needed to understand what next steps could be, and if I had the skills to survive a new job search. Working with Meike has been a wonderful and enlightening experience.  She has helped me discover and understand my strengths, how I got here, what I bring to the job and what happens when those strengths aren't put to good use.  While I'm still in the midst of determining if a new job search is in my future (given all the external circumstances), I feel like I am armed with a better self-awareness so that I can adjust and be more energized in my current work life while I determine my next steps.  

Thank you Meike for the positivity and inspiration! "

– Lori


" I had an absolutely wonderful experience working with Meike. When I first reached out, I felt frustrated and stuck in my career without any idea of how to navigate my way out of the predicament. I knew I needed a change, but didn't have the knowledge or the tools to figure out what I wanted to do next.
Meike not only made my strengths in the workplace clearer, she helped me find a new career path that makes me excited, while basing it all on my strengths and passed experiences.
I'm eternally grateful I reached out. And I'm so glad I got to work with someone who really cares about what she does and wants you to as well. "

– Melanie


" When I first reached out to Meike, I was feeling an overwhelming sense of desperation.  My career was not where I thought it should be or where I wanted it to be, I was very unhappy with where I was working, and I felt frustrated by the cycle of job hunting in which I had found myself, resulting in multiple job transitions in a relatively short amount of time.  In a word, I felt trapped, an experience only exacerbated by a toxic work environment and lackluster income.

Working with Meike offered a profound, introspective examination.  Through a concentrated, strengths-based program, I learned to rework my approach entirely, in order to find what I really wanted to do versus what was possible for me to do, given available job postings to which I had no particular pull.  Instead of trying to force a puzzle piece into a gap, I was able to work on an entirely new puzzle, one which I had the power to design myself.

After providing an exploration and understanding of my strengths, the program then shifted to extensive preparation and networking, the depths of which were, at least for me, unparalleled.  I had never spent so much time working on the groundwork for a new job before applying for it (or even looking for job openings for that matter); that said, it made the actual interview process so much smoother and seamless when the time came.  Not only did I inherentely feel so much better prepared than ever before, but I was also able to provide a much richer and stronger context in my interviews.

At first, I was very apprehensive about investing in such a program, as I had never done anything like this before.  A friend of mine made a good point; he told me that I likely would be able to find a job without Shinebright's assistance, however it may not necessarily be a role for which I am best suited.  I am so happy I heeded what he said.  This was a much more strategic, targeted approach than I would ever be able to accomplish on my own, and Meike offered constant encouragement and support along the way.  For anyone who is going through a challenging time professionally, I highly recommend pursuing Meike's expertise. "

– Patrick


" Ok so this review is 2 years too late but omg I highly recommend getting a life/career coach in general! Shannon was absolutely amazing! I honestly didn't now what I was getting myself into when I signed up 2 years ago. And it was definitely work diving deep into myself and identifying my strengths and how they excelled in certain situations. I just got a new job after putting in the work the last 2 years and I have to say all my notes from my sessions is what made me kill my interviews. Knowing what my strengths are and being able to verbalize them and how they would promote a group or company is something that eas hard for me to identify and Shannon was soo amazing and helping me do that. Anyways, highly recommend them! Invest in yourself, you won't regret it!"

– Danielle


" I went through a significant life transition over the last few years. Although I had grown and expanded a lot, I felt very disoriented, and I wasn't sure how to integrate those changes into what I was supposed to do with my professional life.

Amid my identity crisis, enters Shannon. With her warmth, support, and encouragement plus a deep understanding of people's strengths, she mirrored back to me my true self. Through our meetings, I learned about how I was holding myself back from fully putting my natural strengths to work. Not only I attained more clarity about my strengths, but I also learned how to leverage them to live more fully from a place that feels good and authentic. I felt seen and empowered. My experience with her was priceless.

If you are feeling stuck or going through a significant transition in your professional life, I highly recommend Shannon and ShineBright! "

– Simone


" When I first met with Shannon for a consultation I was not quite able to articulate my needs. I was at a crossroads with an opportunity to start consulting but felt overwhelmed, self conscious, and paralyzed. She took my word salad and reflected my words back to me in powerful concise statements that blew me away. Shannon led me through the process of understanding my strengths and needs. She helped me create a comprehensive map for myself that would allow me to bring my best self and strengths to my clients. She held space for me as I worked to uncover my self defeating practices and kindly led me to move beyond them. Working with Shannon has been worthwhile and deeply rewarding to say the least. I feel empowered to move forward with my eyes fully open to what I want and need. After years of standing on this precipice, I have a vision and personal support plan in place. I am grateful to have worked with Shannon and would recommend her whole-heartedly to those that resonate with this post. "

– Virginia


" I found Shinebright reading a lot of the reviews and my experience echos many of the great experiences others have had here.

I had an unexpected change to my career this year and was forced to make a change.  The problem was that I was stuck--everything I was doing wasn't working and I began feeling more lost, stuck, confused, and discouraged.  I've always been good at finding my way out of challenges like this, but this time everything I was doing wasn't working.  I decided it was time to invest in myself with a coach and I'm extremely grateful I found Shinebright.  

My first call with Meike set the tone for what would be a remarkable journey to uncover my strengths, reignite my passion, and propel me forward.  I found the coaching to be very supportive but also helped me get the results I was looking for.  I was able to revive my intuitive strengths and follow a journey of discovery that helped me choose a path I really love.  I always leave my visits inspired and excited to take action on the things we discuss.  

My only regret is that I had not found Shinebright sooner!  However, I believe everything happens at the right time and I'm very grateful for what I've been able to accomplish working with Meike.  Being a fairly new resident to LA, it was hard to find the right coach, but I'm extremely satisfied with my experience at Shinebright! "

– Chris


" After leaving my last job, I was looking for someone to help me figure out how to focus on and convey my strengths to potential employers, as well as help me determine what was most important in fulfilling my needs from a professional and personal perspective at this point in my career in the health care industry.
Meike immediately put me at ease during our first session with her warmth and energy, and I felt comfortable sharing my experiences and perspectives with her.  She gave me an assessment to take and an extensive bio to fill out, and she used the results to guide our discussions.  One of the things I liked best about Meike's approach is that it is based on positive psychology, and she really helped me focus on leading with my strengths for my job search. Thank you Meike! "

– Stephanie


" Working with Shannon has been an incredibly rewarding and enlightening experience. Starting with the strengths assessment, the entire process she took me through helped me reflect on the kind of work I want to do as a software developer, and the kind of environment that will benefit me and benefit from me. This work really helped my confidence and my own self-awareness, in the best way.

I had 3 sessions with her, and Shannon was incredible easy to coordinate and scheduled with. All the work she had me do felt relevant and helpful, and while not trivial by any means, easy to find time for. I'd whole-heartedly recommend Shinebright to anyone looking for wholistic career help. "

– Timothy


" I had the pleasure of working with Meike and cannot recommend her highly enough. The poignant questions Meike asks and the generous way in which she truly listens to her clients, was really profound in helping me improve my confidence and ability to assert myself in a wonderfully positive way. That said, the process of getting to know your own strengths and desires is not one that necessarily comes easy. It was confusing at times and even frustrating to really examine oneself, but in the end I learned it was all in the name of growth. I am currently pursuing my dream career and when I look back on our sessions, it was Meike who helped me understand what that was for me. "

– S.K.