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Is Overwhelm Keeping You From Reaching Your Goals?

“I’m just so overwhelmed!” This is the number one thing I hear as a career coach when first working with my clients. And here’s the thing about overwhelm, it dysregulates our nervous system and literally prevents us from taking action, so it keeps us in a loop of overwhelm, inaction, and feeling stuck. I think there are a lot of reasons why people are so overwhelmed when it comes to building a career they love, but I break down further and also share my top dos and don’ts so you can get out of the cycle of overwhelm and start taking action toward your goals.

In this video I cover:

-The difference between overwhelm and stress

-3 of the biggest reasons I see people feeling so overwhelmed when it comes to their career

-How people usually respond to feelings of overwhelm and why it usually makes it worse

-My tips on how you can address your feelings of overwhelm, get unstuck, and start moving towards your goals.

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