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Strengths Based Coaching Helps you Get the Job Faster!

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Are you so frustrated by your job search that you do not even remember what you are good at? Do you spend hours applying to jobs on job boards without ever hearing a word back? You are most likely not using the most powerful parts of who you are in your job search and feeling a lack of connection to yourself.

Our Strengths-Based Coaching approach to job searching helps you to identify your greatest opportunities for the potential that result in engagement, energy, and satisfaction. This knowledge enables you to understand what you most have to contribute to your next job or role and what you need to thrive to be your best self.

Armed with this knowledge you can begin the career exploration process rooted in knowing what is going to be the best fit for you in your next role, but in how you also show up in the job search!

In this video we cover:

- Why it’s important to do self-exploration first, so everything that comes after is aligned with you and what is actually going to bring you fulfillment.

- The value of knowing your strengths and weaknesses so you can choose a career path that allows you to do what you do best every day.

- Benefits of knowing your strengths in interviews, resumes, networking and in starting a new job

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