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Upgrade Your Zoom Game!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Zoom fatigue, it’s a real thing, and most people are feeling it bad these days. Whether it’s the exhaustion of back to back meetings or the lack of personal connection, people are depleted. This video is for those of you who are searching for ways to upgrade your zoom game so you can curb that zoom fatigue and feel more connected even when working remotely.

In this video we will go over some helpful tips to upgrade your zoom game, including:

- What is zoom fatigue and why do we all have it.

- How to be mindful of how you schedule your zoom meetings.

- Creating space to connect before getting down to business · Norms you and your team can set to create trust and improve communication.

Here is the article we mention from Stanford's Jeremy Bailenson's research about Zoom Fatigue:

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