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Self-Care for a Healthy Mindset

We all get stressed and we all get exhausted but what we do before and after we are stressed or exhausted is super important in living life with a healthy mindset.

Looking on the bright side, being able to push through difficulties or manage busy seasons of life is hard, but if you spend time cultivating a healthy mindset during all periods of your life (stressed or unstressed) you will get through the tough times in a stronger way.

Self-care is one way to cultivate that healthy mindset. Self- care is building habits into your life that contribute positively to your mental health. Self-care includes your mental health but much more too, it includes caring for and nurturing your spiritual health, your emotional health, your relaxation time , and your alone to connect with self time are all imperative parts that need to be nurtured and fed.

Being able to carve out and commit to consistent time for yourself to address things bothering you, truly resting, engaging in activities that engage and excite you are all ways to practice self-care. When you are in a routine and respecting the space for self-care in your life, you are actually building space to have a healthy mindset. It's not always easy to do, which is why we decided to get together to talk about self-care and how to do it on a regular basis.

Shannon and I share insights and tips to help you commit to building those healthy habits into your routine. Watch this video to learn more and to learn how to build more self-care into your life.

The key take-aways are:

  • Why does self-care matter?

  • How to figure out what works for you?

  • How to schedule it?

  • Routines and Habits

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